Welcome to the Skyline Village Inn!

Escape from the “Stay at home” bunker mentality and go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. This is the healthy way to avoid the Corona Virus. We are doing a lot to provide a safe, healthy environment for our guests:

In between Guest Room changes our rooms are Ozonated to rid the room of harmful bacteria and viruses just as they would be prepared in a healthcare facility. We remove and clean all towels, washcloths even if they have not been used. We have consulted with our local Health Dept and with Healthcare Professionals to get their recommendations on protocol and procedure. We are using  cleaners and sanitizers recommended by these professionals to provide the cleanest possible environment.

Our restaurant facilities are open to our guests only so the current capacity restraints are not a problem. We also offer Outdoors Dining when the weather permits so Social Distancing protocols are more easily adhered to.

The mountains are calling! Get away from the crowds, noise and social discord and uncontrolled chaos of the city and enjoy a stay in the mountains.

We are open for the season and anxiously await your call!

Enjoy a bit of history with a touch of modern hospitality.

We offer lodging accommodations, dining and a great wine and beer selection at milepost 331 of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Little Switzerland and near Spruce Pine NC. The Skyline Village Inn has one of the most beautiful views in the North Carolina Mountains.

We are located midway between Boone and Asheville areas making this an ideal spot from which to visit and roam the mountains. Close to hiking for Mt. Mitchell, Linville Gorge Wilderness Area, Roan Mountain, Grandfather Mountain, Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River Area and the iconic Appalachian Trail. The facility consists of a 13,000-square-foot inn with 16 guest rooms. Each room has wood paneling made from 22 different varieties of native wood. Each room also has its own bath, LED TV, Cablevision, mini refrigerator, AC & heat, coffee maker and 4-station USB recharger for your devices.

Our water system is state of the art with North Carolina EPA approval. It is fed by both underground well water and spring water which are filtered through 5 filters for particulate removal, then Ozonated with a 15,000 volt Ozonator then injected with a very small amount of chlorine that is not even tasted. This produces the most awesome water found anywhere and is exclusive to the Skyline Village Inn where we have 8,000 gallon storage, so we won’t run low.

Additionally, we have invested in plumbing upgrades found nowhere else in the area including tankless, instant, on-demand hot water heaters throughout the building. These tankless systems provide continuous delivery of hot water to meet your needs. They also provide the water with no energy wasted in delivery because it is on demand and not stored in heated tanks. The original galvanized water supply lines have all been removed and replaced with rustproof materials such as PEX, PVC and copper, making the delivery of our great water impeccable.

In 2016 we replaced a flat roofing system with a completely redesigned pitched roof. The new pitched roof sets on a 2-foot-high knee wall on scissored trusses with the center rising to 12 feet in the middle completing the European Alpine Design. The roof is a beautiful copper metal color and can be seen from points in Marion 10 miles away. It cantilevers over the balcony and the back of the building, providing even greater shelter from the elements. This fourth story is covered on the outside with Hardie board staggered shingle planking providing even more Old-World effect with outstanding state-of-the-art protection from the weather that can rage at these altitudes.

The rooms are very welcoming and homey with hardwood floors, comfortable beds and many rooms have built-in furniture made from a variety of local woods. If you get a balcony room facing the Catawba Valley, it is a special treat to wake up gazing at sunrise coming up over Linville Mountain in the distance. So grab a cu

p of coffee get out on your Adirondack chair and enjoy!

Daily Rates:

Balcony Rooms: Weekdays                                  Weekends:
Single Rooms: $129+ tax ($144.16)                      $135+ tax (150.86)
Double Rooms: $145 + tax ($162.04)                    $155+tax (173.21)

October, July Rates:
Single rooms: $139 + tax ($155.33)
Double Rooms: $159+ tax ($177.68)

Non-Balcony: Weekdays                                     Weekends:
Single Rooms: $107+tax (119.57)                        $112.00+ tax ($125.16)

Double Rooms: $139+ tax($155.33)

October, Peak Season, Weekend and Holidays:

Single Rooms: $104+ tax ($116.22)
Double Rooms: $139 + tax (155.33)