Motorcycle Friendly Hotel on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

We offer Group Rates to touring Bikers. We do the same for bicyclists and hikers traveling the Parkway. Motorcycle groups are some of our best customers. Once they visit the Skyline Village Inn and experience our hospitality, the great view, the clean rustic rooms, the balcony and the dining they are hooked. Not only are we located on the Parkway, we are in close proximity to the popular Snake and the Murder Mountain Loop rides.

The “Murder Mountain Loop Ride” as described on the Blue Ridge Motorcycling website starts and ends at our driveway. We are located on the “Diamondback” motorcycle and sports car route. Yes, our parking lot and driveway empty into the Diamondback. You cannot get here without riding on it. These are just some of the reasons you need to visit to check out the excellent area motorcycling opportunities.

In 2014 RoadRUNNER, a premiere motorcycling touring magazine, did their Shamrock Tour for the April issue from here in Little Switzerland, NC. Check out the article and maps of the 4 routes they did from this location by clicking here.

Motorcycle Rentals now available at the Skyline Village Inn!

We discontinued Motorcycle Rentals temporarily due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. We had so many cancellations when we reopened we decided to temporarily drop our insurance on the rental bikes until business stabilized once again. Thank you for your understanding.

We work to take our Motorcycling commitment to a new level: We can now rent 7 Motorcycles: We chose mostly the dual sport bikes to complement and enhance your stay in the mountains: Ride your touring or sport bike up to the mountains. But we know you don’t want to take them on gravel and dirt. So, on your next visit you can take our bikes to these areas and create a new adventure for yourself and friends.

We now have 1 Honda Shadow 600, 2 BMW F650 GS’s, 2 BMW 650 GS, Yamaha TW200 and a Yamaha XT250 in our garage and ready to take you into the Blue Ridge Mountains for a great motorcycling adventure. These nimble but robust bikes can be rented by the day for a very reasonable price. We have a great insurance plan to go with it delivering a very cost-effective way to a good time cycling in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. We can assist in providing you with a route to many miles of great off-pavement riding in National Forest areas and outstanding OHV trails. We can introduce you to friends in these areas where you can pick up a lunch and maybe rent a tube to float the river while out on your ride. Or, for a reasonable fee, we can guide you to these places to optimize your time and further enhance your day!

Still another advantage of staying at the Skyline Village Inn came from adding our Dual Sport Rental Service. We had to add a garage area with tools and equipment to do maintenance and minor repairs. So as a guest you now have these assets working for you if you need them! Further, if a member of your group has a major mechanical problem we have a means of helping them get to a shop for repair with our bike trailer. While the bike is being repaired why be grounded and miss the riding? Rent one of our bikes and don’t miss out on anything!

Go to our Motorcycle Rentals for more information.


Furthermore, we can help you plan the routes you will be taking. I ride them myself on a BMW650 GS. In our store we feature America Rides Maps by Wayne Bush. Wayne has ridden all these and made excellent maps.
Come see for yourself!

MOTORCYCLE LOOP RIDES: We are adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway 200 feet from the ramp at milepost 331. Since we are half way between Asheville and Blowing Rock, we are a convenient stopover for the night for Parkway travelers. Many of the most popular Loop Rides can easily be accomplished on day trips from our location:

The Watauga Loop and Murder Mountain Loop can be combined into one very scenic day trip for you and your group!

Recently some local effort has been made to promote what was called the Little Switzerland Loop in the Hawk Hageback book “Motorcycle Adventures in the Southern Appalachians.” It is now being promoted as the “Diamondback.” We are located on the Diamondback and can show you many of the great riding opportunities available in the area. We love motorcycles. I own 7 of them and have started a rental business here.