Family Friendly Vacation Lodging in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Game Room:

On the second floor of the Skyline Village Inn, we have a guest-only Game Room area with a large comfortable seating area with plenty of room to hold a meeting or a get-together after a long day. Families and groups find this area particularly appealing when everyone is finished with dinner or everyone is inside unexpectedly due to some inclement weather. The Game Room is supplied with a refrigerator, microwave, bar and sink, card table, checkers and chess table, pool table, dart board and TV. Parties have been known to break out in there.

We developed the Game Room by taking out 4 existing rooms and making a1300-square-foot room from the previous 4. While doing this we discovered some 40-year-old bootlegwhiskey in the firebreak of one of the bathroom walls! To meet modern day building code we had to add a handicapped egress and added a deck to the egress too! The outside walls are 2 feet thick: Poured concrete, granite and steel so it took us 5 days just to open a hole in the wall large enough to put the double French doors. We were further challenged when we ran into one the “rebars” in the wall, which turned out to be a railroad track!

Eleanor Rigby still oversees all activities in the Game Room. A lot of people like to get their pictures taken with Eleanor and she loves it.