Renovations and Changes Bring New Life to Skyline Village Inn

Outside of a brown brick building getting a new wooden roof put onWe are pleased to share our progress over the years with a short list below of some of the milestones that sometimes our customers can see and appreciate and some that they can not see but can appreciate because it makes a safer, healthier or just more enjoyable stay possible.

Following is a short list of things we have built here at the Skyline:

  • We are the only entity in Little Switzerland, business or otherwise, that has invested in and built a connection to a public sewage system.
  • We have completely renovated all our plumbing, replacing all old galvanized pipes with pex, brass and copper throughout our building and complex.
  • We have replaced all old hot water and oil boiler heating systems with instant on-demand tankless systems. This provides an efficient and endless supply of hot water for showers etc. without the need for storage.
  • Three years ago we built a new roofing structure that cantilevers out over the balcony area covering the balcony and adding to the architectural charm with a pitched roof topped by copper colored steel and finished beadboard eaves.
  • Last year we renovated our water system, installing a 5 filter system to remove Outside view of a brown brick building with pitched roof and silver car in parking lotparticulate matter from our already superb mountain water before it hits an ozonater for further purification. This puts us light years ahead of most venues, including public municipal facilities.
  • This year we renovated some room bathrooms and started renovations that will provide heat and air conditioning via mini-split units for each room. This modernization will remove the window units from each room and provide heat and A/C more quietly, efficiently and effectively. We will be replacing the original windows as we go! We managed to complete 2 rooms during this season and will be doing the rest in the off season starting in November. 

We are so thankful for your friendship and support. We could not have succeeded and achieved these things without you! We look forward to greeting old friends and meeting new ones as you come to enjoy Skyline Village Inn and all that the area of Little Switzerland has to offer! 

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