Vacation Attractions near Us on the Blue Ridge Parkway

North Toe River: Go on a tubing or kayaking adventure with Thrifty Adventures. Cool off and escape on a hot summer day. Great fun for the whole family! It is also a great fishing area with plentiful trout and bass. Good size Muskies can also be found there.

Riding the roads: The roads in Western North Carolina mountains offer great opportunities for riders of motorcycles, bicycles and automobiles. The scenic beauty is incomparable and people travel from all over the world to experience it as a must-do “bucket list” adventure.

Motorcycle Rentals: Until recently you had to either bring a bike or rent one from one of the major cities and drive up here. Now you can drive the car and rent a bike from us locally and still experience the area without the hassles.

Rock and gem mining: This area has many fine gem mining establishments:
Rio Doce, located on 226 South less than a mile from here.
Gem Mountain is located 2 miles north from here on 226 South toward Spruce Pine.
Emerald Village is located 6 miles southwest on McKinney Mine Rd.

Waterfalls: There are great waterfalls nearby with scenic hikes.
Linville Falls is 15 miles north just off the BRP
Crabtree Falls is 8 miles south just off the BRP
Grassy Creek Falls is 3 miles just off the Parkway at milepost 334.

Grandfather Mountain:
Grandfather Mountain is one of the biggest attractions in North Carolina and is only 25 miles north from the Skyline Village Inn. It lies at milepost 305. We are at Milepost 331.

Mount Mitchell:
Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Towering over the Blue Ridge it reaches 6,684 feet in height. It is 25 miles south on the Parkway from the Skyline Village Inn. It is at milepost 356.

Roan Mountain:
Roan Mountain is 25-mile northwest. The Appalachian Trail passes through Roan which means it is the boundary between North Carolina and Tennessee. With the open fields below at Carvers Gap and the plentiful Rhododendron Forests, this is one of the most scenic hikes on the Appalachian Trail.

Linville Gorge and Wilderness Area:
The Linville Gorge is also known as the Grand Canyon of the east. Linville Mountain is visible from the Skyline Village Inn. We see this mountain welcoming the morning sun every day from the inn whenever visibility is possible! At night there are no artificial lights coming off Linville so very little light interferes with the stars in the sky.

Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River:
Wilson Creek is a favorite trout fishing area and a great place to go for riding dirt and gravel roads. It is a very primitive area with little development and a wonderful place to escape.